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Drug Crimes – Possession, Distribution, Paraphernalia, etc.

It’s always stressful when a police officer charges you with possessing or distributing illegal drugs or paraphernalia. While drug charges can be serious and lead to a jail sentence, an effective defense can result in an acquittal or a deal that keeps you out of jail and preserves your reputation. You need an effective attorney to assert your rights and tell your side of the story.

Depending on the crime that you are charged with, you need a lawyer within ten days if you are eligible for a preliminary hearing, and within 30 days to assert other legal rights that may cause the case against you to be dismissed. Call (301) 556-8709 today so that we can get to work on your case.

Maryland drug distribution, possession with intent to distribute, and manufacturing charges are particularly serious.  Prison sentences can be lengthy, and significant mandatory minimums are in place for more serious offenses. All of these crimes are felonies. Crimes involving production and distribution of illegal drugs, such as Possession With Intent to Distribute, Distribution, and Manufacturing are all felonies, and they all have the same penalty structure. If you are charged with one of these . . . .

It is unlawful to possess or administer an illegal drug, which is called a "Controlled Dangerous Substance" or a CDS under Maryland law. Maryland makes a distinction between marijuana and all other illegal drugs. Possessing or using marijuana in an amount of ten grams or more is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine, while possession or use of other controlled dangerous substances is punishable by up to four years imprisonment and a $25,000 fine. The possession of small amounts of . . . .

Maryland drug paraphernalia crimes often involve items with a lawful use, and generally require more than mere possession of the item. There must be some indication that the item is intended for use with an illegal drug, which in Maryland is referred to as a controlled dangerous substance, or CDS. At times, this can be provided by the item itself, but more often it is provided by the facts and circumstances surrounding the item. One of the ways that a lawyer can defend you from these charges is to . . . .