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Stalking accusations are often thrown around irresponsibly in order to tarnish someone’s reputation, get them fired from their job, or to have them put in jail. In common usage, virtually anything can be described as stalking, including totally innocent behavior.

The crime of stalking is a misdemeanor in Maryland punishable by up to five years in jail and a fine of $5000. While stalking accusations are fairly common, particularly in peace order and protective order cases, many of the things that people describe as stalking are not actually a crime.

The crime of stalking in Maryland requires a persistent pattern of conduct that includes approaching or pursuing another where the person intends to cause or knows or reasonably should have known that the conduct would cause serious emotional distress to another person, or in such a way as to put them in reasonable fear of serious injury, assault, rape or sexual offense, false imprisonment, or death. Each of these terms has a detailed legal definition that I can use to defend you and protect your reputation.

If you are facing criminal stalking charges, or if you are accused of stalking in a peace order or protective order, you don’t have to go to jail or have your reputation ruined.  I’ve helped many people overcome these accusations, successfully handling dozens of cases related to these issues.  I can help you get the same great results that my other clients have experienced.  Call me at (301) 556-8709 right now, so that I can start protecting you from these dangerous accusations.