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Advice For Parents

You may have a son or daughter who is in trouble with the police or needs advice from a lawyer, but may not appreciate the danger of being charged with a crime. Someone may have filed a peace order or protective order against your child, but they may not be sure what to do. Whether it’s because they are paralyzed by fear, feeling invincible, distracted by other problems, or just reluctant to plan for the future, many young people wait too long to seek legal help. Your child may think that just because nothing very bad has ever happened to them before, nothing bad will happen this time. Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

As a parent, you can help. I have helped countless young people get the help they need just in time, because a parent or family member had the presence of mind to contact me. In a number of cases I’ve been able to stop charges from ever being filed.

Getting there early matters. If you think that your child may need help, don’t wait until they decide it’s a problem on their own, because by then it might be too late. Do not worry if you are not yet sure what, if anything, is necessary. Whether it’s drugs, theft, assault, a peace order or protective order, an underage DUI, or even a traffic ticket, I can advise you or your children about how to avoid problems before they do permanent harm to your child’s future. Even if there is not a problem, I can tell you that and save you and your son or daughter a lot of anxious, sleepless nights. Call me at (301) 556-8709 now, because your family is important.