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Drunk Driving Under 21 Years Old

Drunk driving in Maryland when you are under the drinking age of 21 has a special set of consequences different from those for an older driver. Courts and administrative law judges often see age as a factor that makes the offense more severe, and there are penalties written into the law for DUI and DWI that are harsher than those that an older driver would face. I have helped many people with their DUI and DWI charges, and I can help you navigate and avoid the special problems that come with being under the age of 21 when you are charged with these offenses.

Underage drivers effectively have a lower alcohol limit than 21 and older drivers do, as they have an alcohol restriction on their Maryland license. That means that a blow of only .02 can lead to revocation of your license, as it is a violation of the alcohol restriction on your license to have that much alcohol in your blood or breath.

If you are under 21 and you are pulled over for Driving While Impaired (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Maryland, and you take a test, even if you do not blow high enough to be charged with drunk driving, you will still be charged with violating a license restriction, which can lead to an MVA license revocation hearing all by itself. I can help you avoid these serious consequences, both at a hearing at the MVA and in court.

If you are under the age of 21 when the violation occurs and you are convicted of DUI or DWI, there can also be an additional penalty of a one-year suspension period for a driver under the age of 21 for a first offense, and a two-year suspension period for a subsequent offense that runs concurrent with the normal drunk driving penalties. That means that if the normal penalty for the conviction would be to suspend you for 60 days, the MVA can suspend you for one year, but not for one year and 60 days.  These are the maximum suspensions allowed, and I can help you avoid them.

My years of experience successfully defending drunk driving defendants of all ages can help you navigate the specific problems faced by younger drivers. DUI/DWI cases have a lot of quick deadlines. Some deadlines are only 10 days after the incident. Call me at (301) 556-8709 now, because your license and your freedom are important.