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Ignition Interlock Program Violation Hearing

If you elect to participate in the Maryland ignition interlock program, you might receive a violation notice in the mail. I can challenge and overturn these violations. Each violation extends the duration of the interlock restriction on your license and the program by one month. If you get violations during four monitoring periods you will receive a “Final Notice and Removal From Program” letter. Unless you successfully challenge the alleged violations at a hearing, you will be removed, and the original suspension will be imposed.

If you are removed, you will receive no credit for your participation up to that point, your original suspension will be imposed, and you will not be eligible to rejoin in the interlock program for at least 30 days. An interlock violation or removal from the program can also cause a violation of probation if you are on probation.

Ignition Interlock Devices Can Fail

Ignition interlock breath test devices can be unreliable. When they fail, you may be the one that is punished. Manufacturers are not always quick to admit that their device is at fault. I can often prove that the interlock is the problem, not the driver.

Ignition Interlock Violations Can Be Overturned

Violation notice letters from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration look authoritative, but they are not the final word. You have the right to respond to the violation within 15 days, and the right to a hearing before you can be removed from the program. In some cases I can have the MVA withdraw the violation. I can respond to violations in order to get them dismissed, and represent you at any removal hearings so that you can keep driving.

Every Interlock Violation Is Important

Even the very first interlock violation can establish a pattern of violations that can later be used against you. It also increases the amount of time that you have to spend in the program. Every additional month in the program is one more month when a violation can occur, even if it is not your fault. Do not wait until the Maryland MVA attempts to remove you from the program. It is important to respond to each violation as soon as possible.

What Can Cause an Ignition Interlock Program Violation?

  • Attempting to operate a vehicle with a BAC of more than .025 percent
  • Failing to submit to a retest after starting the vehicle
  • Allowing another person to blow in to the interlock device while you are operating the vehicle
  • Tampering with, bypassing, or damaging an interlock, or allowing someone else to do the same
  • Failing to operate the interlock-equipped vehicle at least 50 times during a reporting period (each reporting period is 30 days long, starting when the device is installed)
  • Operating a vehicle without an interlock device installed in the vehicle
  • Failing to take the vehicle to the scheduled monthly monitoring appointment with the interlock service provider
  • Failing to abide by the conditions of your agreement with the interlock service provider
  • Receiving a suspension, revocation, refusal, or cancellation of your driver’s license
  • Having the interlock installed in a vehicle with an expired or invalid registration
  • Removing the interlock device from your vehicle without prior approval of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
  • Participating in any other act or use of the interlock device that poses a threat to highway safety

Let Me Fix Your Ignition Interlock Program Violation

Let me fix your ignition interlock program violation problems and keep you driving. Call me at (301) 556‑8709 now, because I can help keep you on the road.