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Estimate Your BAC for a Maryland DUI or DWI

Estimate BAC for a pound

Add Drinks and Time of Drinking

Add the number and type of drinks, and time ingested in hours relative to the drinking start time below, and the chart below will automatically update.

Drinking start time:

BAC Estimate

Bookmark this page or add it to your home screen to track your drinking. The most recent state of this page will be saved on your device only, allowing it to persist between visits if your browser allows it, or you can use this static current BAC estimate link to bookmark or email the currently shown results. Dates are not stored anywhere, and nothing is stored on the server.

Actual blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will vary considerably based on factors specific to your case, your genetic makeup, your body composition, your liver function, and your situation. The Widmark formula can only offer a rough estimate of BAC. The above results are for entertainment only. Do not rely on the above results to determine your actual BAC or breath alcohol concentration (BrAC).

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