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See what past clients have said about Raymond F. Anthracite:

Ray Anthracite – Superb in Court

Ray won with flying colors my case, a malicious peace order hearing based upon false accusations. It was a complicated and difficult case with certain challenges due to the malice and mendacity involved on the part of the petitioner whom Ray exposed during cross examination.

Ray came to court totally prepared for battle, hit the ground running and never looked back until we had secured victory. As my attorney, Ray had total command of the law, citing numerous cases during arguments, and total recall of the facts which he wielded during cross examination.

He prepared me for my own testimony with perfect advice that was both concise and useful. I calmly testified remembering what Ray had told me. At the end, the judge ruled that there was no statutory basis for the peace order.

The entire ordeal took a few weeks. From the moment we met, Ray was straight-forward, honest, conscientious, detailed, thorough, attentive, empathetic, smart, practical, instructive, and cordial. Ray is that rare lawyer who brings great legal talent and high rhetorical skill without the big ego that usually shows up with either of them.

Ray let me know exactly what was expected of me and what I needed to do. We continuously went over the facts, gathered and discussed the evidence, and planned our legal strategy. We spoke by telephone numerous times. We met repeatedly. Again and again, we discussed every aspect of the case. We argued, we negotiated, we agreed. Ray listens. Ray guides. Ray collaborates. Ray knows how to make bricks out of straw. Ray knows the law. And Ray knows how to think through a case. Ray is a winner.

He’s very good and not very expensive. I look forward to working with Ray again. And so I would highly recommend him.

Great Lawyer

Raymond Anthracite is a wonderful lawyer and his representation exceeded my expectations. I was going through a very emotional time and was quite devastated and he listened with a lot of patience and made me feel at ease about my case.

Raymond was very professional and knew every little detail even when my case was a bit complicated. He remained confident and very knowledgeable and my case was dismissed! I would recommend him to anyone!

Awesome results!!

Ray Anthracite was absolutely amazing throughout my experience with him. I would recommend him to anyone needing knowledgeable effective representation. I needed a lawyer to help me with a reconsideration case. He was willing to speak with me and answer any questions. He listened with patience and attentiveness and made me feel assured and comfortable. He had a great game plan and always a back up plan. Ray is highly motivated and he makes sure you get the best result.

Ray went above and beyond for me and exceeded my expectations. He told me exactly what to expect when I first presented my case and was very honest and straight forward. I would recommend anyone needing legal help to Mr. Anthracite. His experience and knowledge gave me the courage to approach my court hearing with confidence. He did an amazing job getting me a court date, getting me prepared, and achieving the ultimate goal of helping me obtain a PBJ. I am beyond happy with the final result and the entire process with Mr. Anthracite.

Saved the day

I recently had to go to court for driving on a suspended license. I chose Raymond to begin with because he was the only lawyer who fully listened to the details of my case without abruptly cutting me off and talking price. Although he wasn’t the cheapest lawyer I spoke with he discussed several scenarios the case might lead to and was including a judge trial in the fee if it came to that. He listened well and gave the most thoughtful feedback so I went with him. Leading up to the trial he maintained contact with me and even sent reminders about certain information I needed to provide to give me the best chance for a positive outcome. He was very thorough in pointing out all the information we could obtain and provide to help my case. On my court date he arrived early to go over the details a final time and make sure we were in the same page. The final outcome was that all charges were dismissed. I was very pleased with his service and would recommend him.

Mr. Anthracite was an excellent lawyer. I had a very serious change against me, and he was very professional and helpful. He took care of everything, and had a very friendly vibe the whole time. He knows the judges and state attorneys very well, which I learned is very useful for a lawyer. Overall he was an excellent lawyer, which is especially necessary when you are at a bad point in your life (Facing charges). This case was over a year ago now, but I thought about it recently and decided that I should dedicate some of my time for a man that really helped me. Highly recommended!

Excellent Lawyer

Ray Anthracite was fabulous and I would recommend him to anyone. I needed a lawyer in an unusually short time frame and he responded quickly to my case and my needs, even meeting me during weekend hours. He listens with patience and attentiveness and made me feel assured and at ease with my case. His experience and knowledge gave me confidence to approach my court hearing, and he did a fabulous job defending me and the case was dismissed!

A Job Well Done!

I contacted Mr. Anthracite’s law office after my son received a protective order in the very early hours of [day redacted] August 2017. We met Mr. Anthracite in his office that afternoon, with a court date that was set within days, and he got down to business the moment we sat down. He provided the pros and cons of either fighting the order or consenting to it, and my son made the decision to fight it. We provided Mr. Anthracite a background history of the parties involved, and submitted all requested documentation throughout the weekend, and when the court date arrived he was definitely prepared! He handled our case with a precise thoroughness and professionalism that could not be matched, nor denied. We truly appreciate the expertise he provided, but we also appreciate the care and concern he displayed while handling our case. We highly recommend Mr. Anthracite to anyone needing to fight an unwarranted Protective or Peace Order. Thank you for a job well done!

Great Lawyer

Raymond Anthracite did a great job for me and my case. he got every little detail and was concerned for my well being. He gave me every little detail about possible outcomes, strategies, and things I can do to help my case. Raymond helped me get a lesson charge then what I have gotten because of all the fighting he did for me. It truly felt like he cared about my well being and would recommend him to my friends.

I recently had to contest a malicious temporary peace order filed against me. I hired Mr. Anthracite to represent me at my final hearing and he was an invaluable asset in this court battle. In the weeks before the hearing Mr. Anthracite worked tirelessly to prepare the evidence necessary to prove my innocence. He was also readily available to answer any of my questions and counsel me throughout the process. Thankfully with his guidance and hard work I was successful in fighting this peace order. I would recommend Mr. Anthracite to anyone in need of caring, thoughtful and vigorous legal defense whether it be in contesting a peace order or another civil or criminal matter that he specializes in. Mr. Anthracite is a high character lawyer who will fight for you and has your best interests in mind.

I strongly recommend Attorney Anthracite

When someone tried to get a protective order against me, I sought out the services of Attorney Anthracite. I explained to him that the person was simply trying to hurt my career. He listened carefully and explained how best he could defend me. I liked the fact that he was knowledgeable, energetic and straightforward. And he always called me back promptly whenever I had a question. Ultimately the protective order was dismissed, which of course was ideal for me.

Professional & Helpful

I received two felony drug charges in October of 2014. This was a very stressful time for myself & my family. Ray was very professional, and careful about my case. He ended up getting my charges dropped to misdemeanors, and also got me PBJ. In addition, my vehicle and phone that were seized by the police got released back to me ! Ray will definitely help better whatever legal bind you are in.

Professional and Detailed Attorney

Ray is a very serious, detail oriented lawyer. He left no stone unturned and worked long hours to ensure everything was taken care of. My spouse and I dealt with back to back protection orders from his ex wife that she petitioned with false accusations. This was an emotionally stressful and costly situation to deal with. Ray worked with us and was flexible on payment delivery since we lived out of state. He walked us through everything and prepared us for all outcomes in court. He won both of our cases (2 days a part). He knows the law very well and was able to very effectively show the judge all our evidence and had us in and out quickly. He also handled another case just one month later which he also resolved and got us the most desired outcome (dismissed!). That’s 3 for 3. Thanks to him we have no more legal worries. He is worth the price, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Got It Done!

When I hired Ray to represent me, I was in the middle of moving to Colorado. The only thing that had my interest was him being able to represent me without my presence, I didn’t care too much about repercussions. Not only was he able to do that, he got my entire paraphernalia charge dropped. He also kept me in the loop all while I was across the country. Professionalism at it’s finest.

Mr. Anthracite was my lawyer for DUI case. He was dedicated his time and expertise to help me receive the lowest sentence as possible. Even proved not guilty. I am so impressed and so glad that I took him to represent me.