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Why is My Maryland Driver’s License Suspended?

You may have been pulled over by a police officer only to find out that your driver’s license is suspended, or received a notice from the Maryland MVA notifying you of a suspension, leaving you to ask, “Why is my Maryland driver’s license suspended?” There are many reasons that your driver’s license might be suspended, but whatever the reason might be, I can help get you back on the road. I can also defend you from the suspension on the notice at a hearing, and defend you against any underlying charges of driving with a suspended license, or any other criminal or traffic charges that might be outstanding.

Most Common Reasons for Maryland Driver’s License Suspension

  • You failed to pay a prepayable traffic ticket
  • You failed to appear in court (this may also result in a warrant being issued)
  • There is an outstanding warrant for your arrest
  • You failed to take a driver improvement course
  • Your insurance lapsed, and you did not pay the fine (you may also be charged with driving without insurance)
  • Your license is suspended in another state
  • You failed to take a breath test for DUI or DWI when required
  • You took a breath test for DUI or DWI, and blew .08 or above
  • You were convicted of DUI or DWI (and did not receive Probation Before Judgment)
  • You failed to pay child support
  • You accumulated too many points
  • You committed a moving violation on a provisional license

I have years of experience defending people against criminal and traffic offenses, and I have reversed innumerable suspensions for Maryland drivers. Suspensions should be dealt with at the earliest possible moment, preferably before they happen. Driving with a suspended license is a must appear offense that could result in points, license suspension, or even jail time. Let me fix your problem. Call (301) 556-8709 today, because I can protect your right to drive.