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First Degree Assault

First Degree Assault in Maryland involves an actual, attempted, or threatened unlawful touching involving a firearm, or intentionally causing serious physical injury to another person. First degree assault in Maryland is a felony punishable by up to 25 years in jail.

For a case not involving a firearm to be a first degree assault, the defendant must have intended to cause serious physical injury. In a first degree assault case, a serious physical injury means an injury that either creates a substantial risk of death, or one that causes a protracted impairment of bodily function.

Any second degree assault with a firearm becomes a first degree assault, even you did not intend to cause serious physical injury to anyone.

First degree assault cases generally involve serious issues regarding bond and pretrial release. A first degree assault is considered a violent crime in Maryland, and as such can have mandatory minimums for repeat offenses, and special restrictions on bond. These are among the more serious cases heard in Maryland courts, and require the immediate attention of an attorney.

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